Changzhou Feikai Welding and cutting Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional company on designing and manufacturing welding and cutting equipments in China. With the solid technical foundation, highly qualified employees and modern enterprise management system, the Company can produce high grade products, with the top performance of the machine in the world.
1. APC air plasma cutting machine:
  The electric system is composed of the advanced contact-less switching devices and other devices. The machine is equipped with the advanced oxygen parts imported. The machine can be operated manually, semi-automatically and total automatically. The heavy duty machine adopts wind cooling and water-cooling so that the machine is reliable and stable. The electrode material comes from the United States, featured with long service life, flush and neat cut.
2. Argon arc welder:
  It adopts the advanced power inverter and is featured with less power consumption, stable operation, high frequency arc starting, wideband pulse and perfect welding seam. It is an ideal welding machine.
3. CO2 gas shielded arc welder:
  It is featured with the advanced printed circuit board, stable wire feed, perfect sheet welding, less weld spatter, high deposition efficiency, multiple protection on over current and over voltage. It is reliable and fit for all-position welding. The beginner can operate the machine easily. The machine can be operated manually, semi-automatically and automatically.
4APC series bridge type NC cutting machine
  The mechanical and electric parts are made according to the international standard. The key pars are imported from other countries. The machine adopts flame, plasma, laser, water-jet etc. for high precision cutting. Characteristics of the machine: Fully automatic cutting, simple operation, high precision, high reliability, fast speed, up to 10000 mm/min, high cost-performance ratio.

5. The Company has passed CCC certification compulsory by the state.


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